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Fashionable Fall Trends

With the summer season in full swing, now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming fall fashion trends. With customers looking to purchase everything from back-to-school styles, fleece, cool-weather headwear, and more, the opportunity to get ahead is now.
But keeping up on what will be fashionable this fall season can be tricky. Luckily, partners like Delta Apparel are available to help guide you through the hottest trends that consumers are currently after. “To ensure availability of the perfect product, begin looking early,” advises Mary Bostwick, vice president of marketing at Delta. “If you have the luxury of knowing what is needed somewhat in advance, this may save some future disappointment.”

Fashionable Fall Trends

Let’s start with the staples. While the traditional styles like long sleeves will always be on-trend, where decorators really need to keep up is in cuts, colors, and decoration methods and placements. But you can’t just look at apparel. As the weather cools, beanies should also be top of mind.
“The long sleeve T and of course lighter weight fleece are go-to products for the cooler months depending on where you live,” states Bostwick. She points decorators to Delta’s super-soft Platinum line for some inspiration. One item that’s gearing up for a great fall season is the long sleeve raglan hoodie. Delta carries a strong selection of colors to fit every fall need.
Also on deck for the fall season is the full-zip lightweight hoodie. Bostwick notes that both the raglan and the full-zip are available in Delta’s lux tri-blend fabrication. The continued popularity of soft, comfy fabrics is not one to ignore. But that’s not the only reason to consider these styles. “[They’re] perfect to layer in the early weeks of fall,” Bostwick adds.
The Platinum line features several other styles that will get your customers geared up for fall. As Delta’s luxurious collection, decorators can count on these styles being both functional and fashionable.
For those decorators looking to capitalize on the tried-and-true styles, keep an eye on the basic long sleeves this fall. Delta’s pro weight adult 5.2-oz. long sleeve T comes in a variety of updated colors, like heathers and safety palettes. The best part is that currently, it is on sale for the fall season. It’s offered in juvenile sizes all the way to 3X adult in 35 colors. “We offer sale pricing where possible, seasonal look books to easily distribute, [and] samples as needed,” states Bostwick of all styles. Beyond being great for cooler temps, long sleeves also serve as a way to get the popular layered look. “Delta has several light weight jacket/long-sleeve options in our Platinum line,” note Bostwick. “Paired with a logo, you can provide an easy way to solve the need for a fashionable look that also steps up to any branding campaign.”
Speaking of all different styles, customers on the hunt for fall fashion will also need items beyond shirts. Decorators should also offer them a variety of headwear selections. As the weather cools down, beanies will ramp up in popularity. Bostwick states that Delta carries quite a variety of caps from Outdoor Cap.
When it comes to beanies, the same trend rules apply: keep both staple and updated colors on hand for your customers. For example, the Outdoor Cap super stretch knit watch cap is available in fun, trending bright colors as well as softer neutrals, matching any customer with their color needs.

Get Ahead of the Fall Season

From a business perspective, it might seem strange at first to be talking about fall fashion trends in the middle of July. However, getting ahead on the season has its advantages. Plus, there are plenty of fall events that will require decorators to provide top-notch services, and turning down profit opportunities because you weren’t prepared is never good.
One area that decorators should consider is back to school. Bostwick points to planning ahead for this season. “Back to school also means back to school sports including rec teams,” Bostwick explains. “Practices and games will shortly follow. Get your inventories ready in the basics, [such as] short and long sleeve Ts like the Delta Pro Weight line, lightweight fleece product like our 7-oz. sweatshirt. These items will be sought out by many — make sure you plan ahead.” As Bostwick mentions, this isn’t just limited to school sports, though that’s a great opportunity to hit educational institutions with multiple order opportunities. Also think professional and semi-professional fans, rec leagues, and club teams. From long sleeves to headwear to full-blown jackets and outerwear, now is the perfect time to hit your football fan customers for orders.
And don’t forget about your corporate customers this fall. It’s the perfect season to head out on golf outings, host end-of-summer company picnics, and get the corporate gifting programs started. What better way to make sure all your corporate clients are wearing the latest fall fashion than with styles from Callaway, Perry Ellis, and Original Penguin, all available from Delta?
The three-quarter zip is a timeless classic that can feature a traditional left chest logo, but soft hoodies are also popular with this group. Check out the full-zip hoodie, style OGM00M from Original Penguin, or the Perry Ellis quarter-zip pullover for some outerwear inspiration.
“Delta is the perfect place to get your fall wardrobe in check [with] long sleeve Ts, multiple fabric weights of fleece, a variety of Outdoor Caps hats, and plenty of outerwear options from Dri Duck and Burnside,” notes Bostwick, “all of which are available online at with a NO Minimum purchase required.”

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