One Stop Shop

Find a Supplier Who Meets Every Need by Stocking the Latest Trends

These days, apparel decorators need to carry and offer more than just basic T-shirts to their customers. Though decorators should never stray too far from the iconic T (it’s popular for a reason), being the proverbial “one-stop apparel shop” is attractive to customers. Think about it this way: the soccer parent comes into your shop looking for some cool T-shirts for the kids to wear before their games. Most likely you’re adding names and numbers to the back. But then another mom sees how cool the shirts are and decides to order a bunch of personalized totes for her coworkers at the office. The manager feels the bags are the perfect item and decides to create an employee appreciate package that includes branded polos, water bottles, hats, and more. Soon, offering to heat press a few names on shirt blossoms into the need to carry just about everything. So how do decorators ensure they are stocked up on everything from basic T-shirts to hats and more? They work with suppliers, like Delta Apparel, to make sure everything from Ts in every size and color to hats and bags are always ordered, on-hand, and ready to go.

Basic and Beyond

When you think apparel, nine times out of 10, most people think of the classic T-shirt. There’s something about the shape that lends itself to nearly every body type, age, etc. You can wear them in the winter under a nice quarter-zip jacket for a high-end corporate look, or in summer to the beach for a fun and casual appearance. Needless to say, it’s probably the one item apparel decorators need to have plenty of. “Everyone has a T-shirt preference,” says Mary Bostwick, VP of marketing at Delta Apparel. “Softer, longer, more boxy … Ts work for most situations, both personal and now professional.” She goes on to emphasize that the basic T-shirt is, indeed, a staple item. Luckily, Delta is a perfect partner when it comes to sourcing basic Ts in almost every size and color. And when they don’t have something in stock? “We may not have every color in every style or size, but we can tell you when we will,” Bostwick states with confidence. “Offering the most colors and sizes makes sense to capture the most business. With the brands we have added and the products we already manufacture, we can be a one-stop shop for an assortment of customer needs.” But beyond just the physical attraction of a classic T-shirt comes the wide price points you can find them in. It’s no secret that budget is often the first topic that gets discussed when placing an order, whether it’s for 10 T-shirts for a family reunion, or 500 for a race event. “The basic T is a staple, and the price point makes it desirable offering,” notes Bostwick. “It’s all about the customer’s preference and, of course, budget.” Speaking of budget, it’s always a good idea to have the “options” conversation with customers. They may come into your shop thinking they want one thing, but once you show them a higher-end option, they may jump at the opportunity. This is applicable even when talking about traditional T-shirts. “Your customer may think they want a certain brand, not realizing there are other options with the same or better quality and actually in stock,” Bostwick says. She points to Delta’s Platinum line as an example. “Fabrication and silhouette are what determines the cost and value of a T,” Bostwick states. “The softer and smoother the fabric, the better perceived value. Depending on your budget, tri-blends and CVC products are the way to go. Delta’s Platinum line also has all the unisex options you need!” But don’t stop at the basic T. Delta also has a variety of new options when it comes to polos. Gone are the days of scratchy, stiff, one-shape polos. Now, there are a variety of options to choose from, and Delta keeps plenty of brands in stock. Bostwick notes that currently, the company has trendy new polos on-hand from Callaway. Items like the Oxford Polo, Solid Polo, and Micro Chev Print Polo are perfect for several groups of customers. Bostwick points to the golf market as just one example. Other new styles Delta has fresh in stock for those trend-conscious customers include Original Penguin men’s and women’s polos as well as styles from Perry Ellis. In addition to being stiff, women’s polos were also often ill-fitting. Not so these days. Let Delta provide you with styles such as the Ladies Oxford Polo from Perry Ellis to increase what you offer your golf and corporate customers. Look for these new products in the near future.

When They Need More

But of course, we know these days customers are often looking for more than just T-shirts. For example, a corporate client may want nice embroidered polos with matching hats for their employees. This is an area where Delta Apparel really shines. “In the last few years, we have partnered with some industry-leading brands,” notes Bostwick. “Callaway, Original Penguin, and Perry Ellis lines offer corporate golf apparel that can easily blend into a high-end casual vibe.” But before you think they only hit this type of apparel, she adds that there is so much more decorators can source via Delta. “[We have] Outdoor Cap with many in-stock options, Burnside and Sierra Pacific for casual options, and Dri Duck [for everything you might need] in jackets and outerwear,” she adds. By carrying brands such as Callaway, Outdoor Penguin, Perry Ellis and more, decorators can make sure every customer, from corporate to casual, has a wide selection to choose from. And by extending beyond the basic T-shirt into layered looks and functional fashion, you become the one-stop decorator for all their needs. Delta also brings another level of added value. It offers its own lines for additional choices. “Our Platinum line offers many tri-blend silhouettes for day or night, casual or work wear,” Bostwick says. Decorators can also find a large selection via Delta’s Soffe collections. “We are the manufacturer that distributes our own product — you can only buy Delta from Delta,” she states. When hunting for a supplier that carries a wide selection of items, there is one consideration apparel decorators should keep top of mind: communication. Find a partner that makes it easy to search its inventory and communicate with them whenever you have questions. “Our website is filled with product information and is easy to use,” explains Bostwick. “Set yourself up an account and see live inventory and your pricing 24/7. If you need a live CSR, call in at 1-800-285-4456.” In the end, it’s really just smart business to offer apparel in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as add-on options.

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